Monday, June 16, 2014

{ #100happydays }

                               I decided to join the 100 Happy Days challenge and started June 1th.

Being happy is being aware of what good things happen to you, to be grateful for every day! Like everybody else I have days that I am not aware of those things, a bad day at work, days that I am tired or not feeling well, days that everything seems to go wrong. It is important to realize that the bad days and bad times pass by, to see the good things in life, however small they are.

The challenge is to take a photo for 100 days in a row of things that make you happy! Big things and small things. I decided to use Instagram for this challenge. I love IG, but I don't use it often. You can find my account HERE, or maybe you want to join me in this lovely challenge. The hashtag is #100happydays


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