Monday, May 12, 2014

{ yvestown in the kitchen - more then a cook book }

Some time ago I pre-ordered a signed copy of Yvonne Eijkenduin's first book, Yvestown in the kitchen. The book arrived a couple of weeks ago, A la Yvonne wrapped in baby blue polka dot paper and accompanied by a set of Yvestown in the kitchen postcards.

I don't think Yvonne does need any introduction in blogland. I When I started reading blogs, mainly about interior decoration, Yvonne's blog The Yvestown Blog was one of the first I found. I loved her (then in Den Bosch) home, decorated in her hallmark colors, white, green, red, pink en blue. In the meantime Yvonne and her husband and cat bought and moved to a fixer upper just across the border in Belgium.

The book is printed on lovely mat paper.

One think I admire in Yvonne is that she is true to herself. She once erased all content from her blog to be able to start fresh. A couple of years ago she turned down a tv and book deal because she wasn't able to put enough of herself into the projects. Since then she has been in a Belgian tv show and now she wrote her own book and is currently working on her second book. I only learned yesterday via Twitter that she announced on Blogtacular that she has plans for an online magazine.

Yvestown in the keuken is written in Dutch, the translation of the tittle is Yvestown in the kitchen.  It is not just a cookbook, but also a book about kitchens. Yvonne's kitchen of cause, but also the kitchen of her friends who also provided some of the recipe's for the book.  The book has beautiful illustrations of kitchen utensils inside, which are also used on the front and on the card set that came with the book. These illustration where made by Yvonne's friend Roel Vaessen.

The book can be bought in every good (Dutch) bookstore and online at her publisher and

An English translation is in the making and is due in January 2015.

To Marianne, love and cake, Yvonne.

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