Monday, May 26, 2014

{ rose gold }

A couple of years ago my love bought me a pair of earrings I had fallen in love with, an amethyst set in rose gold.

Because they were a gift, I don't wear them a lot as I am afraid to loose them. They only come out for special occasions. Rose gold is a combination of yellow gold and copper. There is an interesting explanation of all color of gold on Wikipedia.

Last year I bought this necklace. Every part of it somewhere else. I bought the medallion through Ebay and the long necklace in a local shop. I already had the little trinkets inside. It looks nice on grey and violet clothes.

A few weeks ago I bought this wacht from Ikki from Groupon. It is pretty big, but I like it.

Both the necklace and watch are fashion jewelry, they were inexpensive. Buying these in real gold would have cost a small fortune.


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