Saturday, April 26, 2014

{ the color orange }

This weekend orange is THE  color in the Netherlands. Tomorrow is Kingsday, the first Kingsday ever, as our King will turn 47 tomorrow.

It takes bit of getting used to. There never was a king in my life time and Queensday always was on April 30th.

When I was born Queen Juliane reigned. Her birthday was on April 30th. Her successor Queen Beaterix' birthday is on Januari 31th and she decided that in honor of her mother (and maybe because of the weather?) Queensday would be celebrated on April 30th.

Last year we got a king, the first one in a hundred years and he decided that Kingsday would be celebrated on his birthday, so here we are.... . But not for very long, as his oldest child is girl ;-)

Why the color orange? The Dutch royal family is The House of Orange.


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