Tuesday, January 14, 2014

{to be a blogger}

"To be a blogger" was started recently by Esmee Scholte and Simone van den Berg. Both have a blog and were asked questions on how to start and maintain a blog by their readers. As they both gathered a lot of information about these topics over the years, they decided to start a blog about how to be a blogger together.

"To be a blogger" is in both Dutch and English, with topics like seo, monetization, copyright, templates, photography (I know Simone is an avid photographer), hosting etc. The platforms discussed are Wordpress and Blogger, but I have also seen posts about Typepad and the new Ghost.
There is also a forum.

I know Simone van den Berg. Not personally, we "met" during a workshop hosted by Decor8's Holly Becker, Blogging Your Way Bootcamp. Simone has 2 blogs. Her blog Simone's Kitchen, written in both Dutch and English, is about food, photography and her travels. Her second blog Scribbles and Notes (also in Dutch and English) is a lifestyle blog.

I did not find a link to Esmee's blog(s) on TBAB. I googled her, but as I am not sure I found the right Esmee I rather not post a link to the wrong blog.

Esmee's blog is named Es' Factory, go HERE to visit it. Thank you Simone for the link.

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  1. O wat leuk !! Hoe heb ik dit nou in hemelsnaam kunnen missen! Dank je wel voor het noemen van onze nieuwe site... :) Ik ben vereerd! Overigens is Esmee van es factory Haar blog is http://www.es-factory.nl/blog

    1. Hallo Simone, geen probleem! Ik zal de link naar de Esmee's blog erbij zetten.