Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{advent arrangement workshop}

 Last week I attended my fist workshop ever to make an advent arrangement for our coffee table.

I usually buy a ready made wreath which already has the greens and adorn it with baubles, ribbon and candles, but I thought it would be nice to make something completely different this time.

I attended the workshop in my loves home town of Bocholtz. Bocholtz is a small village with one big asset (at least to me), Hoeve Scholtissenhof. Hoeve Scholtissenhof is located in a very old barn. Besides housing the owners, the barn also holds a lunchroom and a shop. The owner Marriet also teaches workshops for flower arrangements. In December there is also a really nice Christmas shop in the attic. The lunchroom serves delicious home made ice cream! In combination with a waffle, cherries and cream it is do die for.
The entry to the barn, the barn is built in a square.

Marriet first showed us in general how to make the arrangement and then we were set free to give it a try ourselves (with a little help). You can see the piece I made in last Sundays blog.
This is the room where the lunchroom usually is. It is located in the former cow stable. Look at the stone wall, isn't it great!
The Christmas shop in the attic of the former cow stable.
It looks so cozy!
When we were ready coffee was served with yummy apple pie and we were able to do some shopping in the Christmas shop.

I had a lovely evening. There is one thing though! I did the workshop on my own which is not much fun. Next time I will attend it with a friend!

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