Thursday, November 28, 2013

{santa claus is comin' to town}

We hardly ever decorate for Christmas before the first Advent. First of all, there is another (Dutch) traditional celebration, Sinterklaas, on December 5th. And it seems unfit to decorate for Christmas before Sinterklaas has left the country. Second, my b-day is on December 3rd and I made a rule that there will be no Christmas decoration on my b-day.

Well, we are going to break every rule this year, some Christmas decoration already has snuck into the house somehow. And we will also buy and decorate a tree next weekend.

I bought this christmas light with cooky cutters for next to nothing. The word X-Mas is made of wood I added washi tape to one side.

Santa arrived early this year. 

I've seen these glass bells with christmassy or wintery scenes all over the internet, this year I made my own.  It looks really cute.

Do you have Christmas decoration up already?

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1 comment:

  1. Ja hoor hier al volop kerst in huis maar ja wij hoeven ook geen rekening te houden met de sint, hihi.
    Wat gezellig zeg die lichtjes in dei bakformpjes, heb je die er zelf in gemaakt of heb je dit zo gekocht?
    Ik ga dit onthouden, misschien wel eens leuk om na te maken.
    Fijne dag.
    Liefs gerda