Friday, November 15, 2013

{my mulberry bayswater}

A little while ago I wrote a post named "want", telling you I had a Mulberry Bayswater very high on my want list. Well, it's off the list.....because I bought one.

I have to admit, it is a pre-loved one. A new Bayswater would be out of the question. I did however decide to buy one in a decent condition. I bought mine through Ebay from a Belgian girl living in Paris. The bag was sent to me from Belgium. The bag, 4 years old, is hardly showing any signs of wear. The leather is beautiful chocolate brown, yum!

I love my bags, I have a large collection. Most of them inexpensive. I like my bags without bling. This bag is of an understated elegance. The only bling is the bronze colored lock. The bag can also easily be combined with jeans.

If you are interested in buying a designer bag I recommend you visit The Purse Forum. The Purse Form is divided into segments, each of one designer. On the Mulberry forum there are ladies who can help you to identify and authenticate a bag sold via the internet, for instance Ebay. I would recommend using some kind of authentication help as many bags on the internet are fake. There is also a ton of information there about every model, how to take care of your bag, tons of photo's.

I looked for a chocolate brown Bayswater for about 2 month's. As Mulberry is a British brand, most bags are offered from the UK. I won an auction pretty early on on Ebay. The bag was pretty much pre-loved. I paid for it using Paypal, but it was never sent. The seller never responded to my messages nor did she return my money. I had to turn to Paypal to have my money returned. In hindsight I am very happy, this bag is much nicer. I asked for some detailed photo's on a Dutch auction site (Marktplaats), it was a fake (as I found out with help of The Purse Form). I asked several sellers on Ebay and the Dutch auctions site for more information and detailed photo's and never got a response. I am just illustrating that buying a nice designer bag on Ebay is not something you can do on one dreary Sunday afternoon. You have to do some home work and keep looking!

There are also several reputable sellers on the internet that sell pre-loved Mulberry, you can find the information on the forum.

If you want to buy from Mulberry, but not pay the jackpot, you can also visit a outlet store. The addresses are on Mulberry's site.

I made a  board on Pinterest with photo's of Mulberry Bayswaters, mainly pinned from Ebay. They are produced in so many kind of leathers and colors. It is a feast to the least for me!

Saturday November 15th. A little update.
When I bought my bag I asked the seller to send all original documentation with the bag, like the receipt and the care card if still available, but she didn't have them anymore. Today an envelope arrived containing the care card for the bag. That is so very nice of the seller! Thank you, Chloe!

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  1. Je tas is prachtig Marianne! Mooie bruine kleur en inderdaad zoals je zegt niet met veel poespas lekker eenvoudig.
    Jij vroeg je laatst af wat ik voor lensen gebruikte.
    Ik heb een Canon EOS1100D als body met een standaard lens 18/55mm, daarbij heb ik een vaste 50 mm lens die ik gebruik om iets in het centrum te zetten en waarbij de achtergrond lekker vaag wordt en sinds kort heb ik een macro lens erbij.
    Ik ben gewoon lekker aan het testen en vindt het heerlijk om plaatjes te knippen:)
    Alvast een fijn weekend.
    Liefs gerda

  2. I need someone who can help me with a really important question. Why are the screws on the lock pointed in different directions?
    Most of the bags look like this:

    But mine looks the same way yours does. I bought my bag on ebay and now I'm really scared that I bought a fake one :(

    1. Hi Nicole, thank you for visiting my blog. I did some research before I bought the bag, but I never read anywhere that the direction of the screws on the lock are a sign of authenticity (or not). My bag was authenticated on the The Purse Forum. Maybe you can ask there. You can find the link in my post above. Have a nice Sunday!

  3. Thank you so much for your answer - I'm really relieved :)

    I love your blog by the way <3