Monday, October 14, 2013

{the return of domino magazine}

Domino Magazine, an interior decoration magazine from the US, has returned to the newsstand after 4 years. I first learned about Domino magazine after it's shutdown in 2009. I never read one single copy, but I did buy the book and I really liked it.

Domino will be a quarterly instead of a monthly and it's format will change. It will be more commercial, all the things you see in the magazine and on their site are "shoppable".  You can buy them from or through their site. I think this is pretty new, as most magazines hold on to the paper/digital (iPad) with adds format.  Most of them are barely holding on. A short while ago the Dutch magazine publisher Sanoma (the largest in this country) announced that it will close down almost half of it's magazine and will have to let people go. Time will tell if Domino's format will work.

Unfortunately Domino's magazine is not available outside the US (yet?). I was not able to buy the new magazine through their site. I will try to buy it through Ebay or maybe on Amazon.


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