Wednesday, October 9, 2013

{diy mason jar soap dispenser}

One of my weaknesses is glass, at the moment turquoise colored glass. This interest has been sparked by seeing those lovely turquoise vintage mason jars on the internet. These jars are very hard to find in the Netherlands, so at one point I just "overlooked" the amount I had to pay for shipment and ordered one on Etsy. Another one was sent to me by my blog friend Ann, who lives in the US.  It was such a lovely surprise and very kind of her.

This is a small collection I have on display in the hallway. The larger mason jar on the right is the one sent to my by Ann. The smaller on in the front is a new mason jar.

Besides displaying all their loveliness in a vignette or use it the keep food in, there are so many things you can do with a mason jar. There were even books written about DIY projects and the internet is full with tutorials. The one I really liked was to turn a mason jar into a soap dispenser. As I already used some turquoise accents in our new bathroom, I really wanted to make one of those. I just didn't want to use one of those vintage mason jars, so I bought 2 new new ones and turned one into a soap dipenser. Easy peasy and it looks like a million bucks (at least to me it does).

This is one corner of our bathroom.

I am not going to link to a tutorial on the internet. If you google for words like mason jar soap dispenser a lot of tutorials will come up. For my Dutch friends, the mason jar I bought at Marktplaats (a Dutch auctionsite) at a seller named Daphne. I was very happy with her service. The pump I took from a soap dispenser I bought at Action. The color is just right.

My mason jar soap dispenser. It looks very blue as the soap inside is blue.

If you would like to see more examples of the use of turquoise in your interior you should definitely visit Erin at House of Turquoise. I have seen some amazing interiors there.

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