Sunday, September 29, 2013

{back to my roots}

A little while ago I closed down my blog lemon8 as I was tired of blogging and tired of maintaining the site. A self hosted blog is a lot of work. It was taking up too much time in my already busy life. I have a full time job and full time blogging is just not an option for me. So I stopped blogging and I must say I liked not having the obligation of blogging several times per week this summer. But lately something has been gnawing at my little heart. I do miss it blogging, the connection with all of you and the sharing. Yes I am on Facebook and I am on Twitter, but it is just not the same. So...instead of starting another new blog I have just returned to my first blog. And to my moto...blogging without obligation.

When I stopped with lemon8 I planned to use the time exploring my creative side, as I think it is underdeveloped ;-) I bought a new camera this spring, a dslr, and I want to explore the manual setting. I found a nice online course that I can do in my own pace at Capturing Childhood. I also want to do an online course in interior decoration which I found on Skillshare.

So from now I on I will blog whenever I feel like it. I may blog 2 times a day, 3 times a week or not for a month. It depends on the time that I have and I feel like blogging.

A photo I used on lemon8blog. I made it last year.

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  1. Nee, als het moet, dan is het zeker niet leuk!! Wist helemaal niet dat je nog aan het bloggen was!!

    Een pagina op FB is eigenlijk ook veel makkelijker...toch?

    Groetjes Thea ♥