Sunday, July 1, 2012

{The Countess}

I love to visit castle's. To see how the rich and mighty lived in times gone by. 

When I was a child/teenager I visited public parc the of a castle nearby with some class mates. We would play in the parc and in an artificial cave there. One day we talked that we would really liked to see the inside of the castle.  One of my classmates decided to ring the bell of the castle to ask if we could get inside to see it. Of cause we weren't allowed. I pass the castle quit frequently and think about it every time.

Last month I subscribed to a Dutch country magazine and the first issue I received had an article about the nearby castle, Castle Amstenrade. It turned out that the Count died in 2007 and left the castle to his eldest daughter. To be able to maintain the castle she gives guided tours and there was an offer for a guided tour. So you can imagine I jumped at the opportunity and e-mailed her. Fortunately she had added an extra day and I was in LOL.

Two pages of the article in Buitenleven

I can say it was all I imagined and more. The castle is kept pretty well, I think, and there are so many different features. And the castle is the Countesses home, so there were person items everywhere. She requested not to take detailed photo's. I can understand that. Imagine having people walking in your house taking pics of everything you own.

The Chinese Room

This is what I see when I drive by.

This looks like Wedgewood

Beautiful floor and ceiling

View of the courtyard.

Coffee and cake was included in the tour. Most ladies of the group were elderly and some of them almost fainted of the idea of having coffee and cake with the countess LOL I had a marvelous time listening in on their sconversation.

I had a lovely afternoon and the experience complete my childhood memories.


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