Friday, July 13, 2012


My make-up routine every morning takes about two minutes. I use a pencil for my eyes (Lancome), a loose powder (Estee Lauder) and some blush (Alverde). When we go out for dinner I also use mascara, but I hardly ever use lipstick.

A little while ago I started using nail polish (again). I don't do extensive manicuring, I just keep my nails at a certain length and now ad a dab of color once a week. My favorite is Essie. It looks nice and it keeps well during house cleaning (I don't use gloves).

I now have (from left to right) Vanity Fairest, Sugar Daddy and Spaghetti Straps. They all ad a nice translucent color to my nails which doesn't bother me during work. 

Do you use nail polish?



  1. Oh Marianne those colours are just delicious! My favourite clothes colours too :) x

  2. La photo des flacons de vernis à ongles est très belle et extrêmement originale. J'aime beaocoup.