Sunday, June 17, 2012

{This 'n That}

Hello my friends. I hope you are doing well. I know that it has been quiet around here, I have not been behind my computer that much.

We are still looking for a company to install our bathroom. We originally had planned to buy the materials at and have it installed by the same company, but this company ask a small fortune for their work (and their quote wasn't even for all the work that was needed). 
So we asked two more companies to give us a quote. The first quote already was 20% less, a lot of money saved. 
We are waiting for the 2nd quote. 

My sister has gone through a rough period these past two months. As I wrote before, I admire her courage. She is a strong person,  despite her illness.

The weather has not been that great lately. Lot's of rain. It is nice today, so I sat in the sun today reading two magazines and enjoying the sun. 
Our hydrangea's are starting to bloom. We have two blue ones in the back garden and a red one in the front garden.

Enjoy your Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. Hallo Marianne,

    Ik ben lang niet geweest...ik weet het!!

    Mooi is die foto,ik ben dol op hortensias,met wel fotoprogramma heb je die gemaakt? Ik vind het randje zo mooi!

    Je Lavendel is ook een schoonheid,wat een kleur!

    Lieve goetjes van Thea ♥