Saturday, May 26, 2012

{Spring Has Sprung}

Spring has finally found us. We have had lovely weather, with a temperature of  30 degrees C (86F) last Thursday. I am lucky because I had a few days off this week, a 6 day mini break. Lovely!

Our garden is flourishing and we enjoy it every day.

We have two kinds of clematis, they are blooming abundantly this year. 

Our Salix had a lot of lice in them. I was considering spraying it when I realized Mother Nature was already taking care of the problem. Little birds have been feasting on the lice and now the tree is almost clean of the lice.

As you can see our peonies are starting to bloom. I am waiting for a nice flower to take photo's of.

Our red rose, also know as "dad's rose" as it was planted by my dad. This rose and a hydrangea are the only plants left from the garden as my parents planted it. Unfortunately the hydrangea hasn't bloomed at all. I think I cut it down too much. If that is the case it should bloom again next year.

Ants like the sweet nectar of peonies, it doesn't harm the flowers.

Our little hide away. We considered having the door on the left replaced this year. Since we decided having the bath room done, it'll have to wait.

 This rose has a love scent.

Have an nice weekend!


  1. What beautiful photographs Marianne! Your *Dad's Rose* is just stunning. As you may know the weather in the UK is hot this weekend, think maybe 72 degrees where I am ( so is hot for us ) I just love getting out my summery clothes for this kind of weather. Thank you so much for commenting on my post, I have replied to you over on the post as well, but just wanted to head over here too, to say you are certainly not bonkers! You summed it up beautifully and correctly :) Big hugs xx

  2. Ja..eindelijk voorjaar..
    en de clematissen doen het idd goed dit jaar, dat komt wel door het vele regenen, dus het is wél ergens goed voor geweest ☺

  3. Your garden is looking beautiful, my peonies are in the same stage - I can't wait until they are here! Your Dad's rose is just beautiful, what a lovely way to remember him xx