Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{shadow box}

As I love the sea very much, I made a shadow box to remind me of the sea and the beach.

The shells are shop bought, I don't think they can be found on the beach of the North Sea.

I bought the box at Ikea (it's name is Ribba) , the fishes and the shells are from Xenos. The photo I made a couple of years ago.


I have another momento of our trips to Bergen.

Zilte Zoen is a restaurant we visited several times. There is a Zilte Zoen in Bergen, Schoorl and Egmond aan Zee. Their food is delish and they carry their own brand of water. So I brought a bottle and filled it with sand from the beach. Zilte Zoen means Salt Kiss.

Have a nice weekend,


  1. My Mom would love that frame. Her room is decorated in a light blue.. and is filled with Beach decor.. since that is where she grew up.. and her happy place.

    Lovely project! :)

  2. mooi Marianne, en ja ik ben ook gek op de zee... wat ziet mijn eyeee, je hebt een pin it buttum bij je logjes, waar staat jou pinterest dan?en hoe doe je dat met die pin?