Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{bathroom news}

I have some great news! H. and I are about to buy a new bathroom for our house. We are so excited!

Our old bathroom was made by my dad! He transformed a very small and simple 50's bathroom into an 80's (or was it 70's) bathroom when I was younger. It is bahama beige ;-) But the color is not the problem. The tiles are loosening and we dropped a big glass pot of cream in the washing basin a couple of years ago, it is cracked. The room is also very small. A bit wider then a door and about 2 metres deep. 

We will have the new bathroom made in a small bedroom. That room is small too, but bigger then the old bathroom. There will be room for a toilet (we don't have a toilet upstairs currently), a walk in shower and a nice vanity. We will be going for modern en neutral. The tiles will be a combination of 2 tones of grey or white and grey. The vanity will be dark brown. I can add color with accessories. To give you an idea here are some pics.

I  want the room to be an easy clean, so I won't clutter it too much though. And everything will be attached to the wall, so nothing is standing on the floors. This also will make the room look larger.  We will also renovate the down stairs toilet. 

We are still in the process to choose where to put everything and still have to decided what colors will be used.

We will have everything installed in november. We already have some free days planned then, I can take a few days off extra. 

So, this is my big news. I am excited and a bit anxious I have to admit.

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  1. Oh wow, it's going to look beautiful! I can't wait to see it x