Sunday, March 4, 2012

{what's up}

Are you, like me, happy that winter is almost over? This morning the weather outside was beautiful and I took my first sip of sunshine, it was nice and warm and it made me so happy. Shortly after it started raining, sigh. Our garden is slowly awaking. I will try to make some pics later his week, maybe next weekend.

I am glad that Google Friends Connect is still working on my blog as I was able to welcome my 100th follower, Flor of Handmade Gifts and Souvenirs. I makes me so proud that 100 people find my blog interesting enough to follow. A big thank you to all of you. 
I noticed that a lot of people added another way to follow their blogs to replace Google Friends Connect, like Blog Lovin and Linky Followers.  I am open to suggestions. You can e-mail me or leave a comment.

In your dashboard you can see where most of your traffic comes from. Besides Google I got most traffic form Mira's site Belle Blanc. Thank you Mira!

A couple of weeks ago I changed providers. So my main e-mail address changed as well. It took me many a hour to change my e-mail address everywhere. I read a tip somewhere to use an internet based e-mail address to register on most sites. Something I never thought about before. So now I am using a gmail address for all less important stuff, like newsletters, updates etc. and my main e-mail address for a couple of sites. I also unsubscribed from about 20 newsletter, that I didn't read anyway. I need software to keep track of everything. Now all that is left is to clean my inbox.
I am very happy with my new provider! My internet connection is steady and speed is as advertised, unlike my previous provider. 

We finally got word from our hotel in Lugano! I was already preparing to search for another hotel! Although signora Fischer did not tell us why we didn't hear from her for so long, I think something serious has happened over there. I really hope everything is well, as she is such a lovely person.

Have a nice, rest of the, week.


PS It seems I can't upload photo's. So we'll have to do without, sorry!


  1. Nou, et was wel erg weing zon hoor, de regen erna was weer .... Bahhhh
    Ja grappig hé overal kommentaar over google friend, en er is niks veranderd, ben blij dat ik niets heb veranderd ;)) doeg meid

  2. Heerlijk he die lente, wij hebben hier het hele weekend heerlijk weer gehad en zo tussen wat muren in kon je prima zitten.
    Mijn eerste zomersproetjes heb ik al gekregen, hihi.
    Liefs Gerda

  3. Congratulations on your 100th subscriber - very, very well deserved I love your blog x

  4. Am I the 100th subscriber? wow...Liza and Marianne, I love this blog too. It makes me feel inspired. Happy day!