Wednesday, February 22, 2012


You know how much I love reading magazines. Preferably enjoying the sun outside. Well. it's want be warm enough for a while to sit outside, but I did a really nice stash of magazines.

Marian (yes, another namesake) of Pink Princess Decorating will be leaving our little, cold and wet country to go live with her brother in sunny and warm Thailand. It's 30 degrees C there right now, sigh!

Marian won't be able to take a lot with her, she had to get rid of a lot of stuff. Amongst them a stash of magazines, I think she likes magazines as much as I do. I was able to buy 10 magazines from her that are not available in the Netherlands, Romantic Country and Romantic Homes. I own a few issues of Romantic Homes, a friend brought them from the US, but I didn't know Romantic Country.

Marian has started a new blog, Pink Princess in Thailand to keep us posted about her new life in Thailand. I am looking forward to reading about her adventures.

So now the question is, should I read them now or wait for the sun ;-)

Marian, thank you for the magazines. I wish you only happiness in your new country and new life.



  1. AAAWWWWW wat lief van je, even mijn andere blog pluggen hihi. Hee meis, veel plezier met de magazines.....ja ik ben en blijf er dol op. Gelukkig kan ik ze daar ook soms kopen joepie!! (heb vorig jaar eentje gezien......)

    Heel veel liefs van je bijna namesake Marian

  2. Nou, jij hebt voorlopig genoeg leesvoer!

    Knap he van onze prinses, dat ze de stap durft te nemen! Is toch niet niks!

    Groetjes Thea ♥