Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{time flies}

Today it is two years ago since my mom passed away so sudden! I had so many questions that were left unanswered, it made life difficult for me for a while. In the past months I have finally started to accept the fact that she is no longer here. It gave the peace of mind I needed to enter the month of festivities, which was so difficult for me last year. I am so grateful for that peace!

 I miss her and my dad (who passed away 10 years ago on January 17th) so dearly though.

I decided to take a day off. Not to mourn and pity myself, but to think of her and dad and to "be" with them.

Thank you for "listening"!

P.S. There is a photo of mom and dad on their wedding day in the right hand side bar.


  1. Sterkte meis. Blijven altijd moeilijke dagen. De 21ste van deze maand is mijn oudste broer alweer 5 jaar weg. Joh...5 jaar alweer. Lijkt pas zo kort geleden maar toch *al* 5 jaar. En moeder net iets langer dan, 4 maanden voor broer. PPFF wat dat betreft ben IK wel blij dat die December maand voorbij is, dacht teveel terug aan die laatste Kerst met broer.

    Nogmaals sterkte meis en doe wat *leuks* vandaag om je moeder te herinneren.

    Liefs van Marian

  2. Liebe Marianne,

    mein Großvater starb heute vor genau 20 Jahren, noch oft denke ich voll Liebe an ihn, er war so wunderbar.
    Jedes Jahr am 3. Januar wir mir wieder bewusst,
    was wir an ihm verloren, aber ich bin auch sehr dankbar, dass ich ihn doch bis zu meinem 16 Lebenszahr hatte.

    Alles Liebe in diesen Tagen

  3. Amazing how quickly that has gone. I think you did the right thing to take a day to remember them, very wise and loving.

  4. I love that you created a day to "be" with them.
    Your a great example... and I wish I could hug you today! Hopefully oneday!!!