Sunday, December 11, 2011


I work in the town of Heerlen. Heerlen has (or should I say had) the first American style shopping mall. It was built in 1965, the year after I was born. It was rebuilt several times, once after a fire. A couple of months ago, the shopping mall starting having problems. Some pillars in the parking garage underneath the front part of themall started to show cracks. Although the owner did everything to mend it, the problem went further and further until the entire mall was closed last week, it was on the verge of collapsing. A big hole had appeared in the floor of the parking garage, one of the pillars sank into the hole.  You can see photo's of the state of the garage on the internet, it was a scary sight. The shopping mall is built in compartments, which are not connected. It was decided to demolish the part that is  was affected immediately, before it would collapse. The shopkeepers of the affected part weren't allowed to empty out their shops, it was too dangerous. 

Photo: H.M.G. van Rijk via 

The sight of a part of the shopping mall being demolished with everything in it makes me sad.
It has been on my mind all week.

I hope they will be able to determine what the problem is and solve it and then rebuilt it.

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  1. Ja meis het zal inderdaad niet meevallen de kerst zonder je ouders, kan me voorstellen dat het nog erg zeer doet. Vooral met de kerst omdat dat zo´n familiefeest is komt dat natuurlijk extra sterk naar boven.
    Nou jij bent al verder dan ik, de kerstboom al in huis, goed gedaan!
    Ik zal de komende week maar eens aan de slag met de kadootjes, kerstboom, en alles wat er verder bij komt kijken.
    Fijne week toegewenst.
    Liefs Gerda

  2. That is heartbreaking! :(
    I feel sorry for those store owners that took a loss! Do you have insurance there? Could they benefit from that??

  3. That's so awful for the people who own shops there, I hope they can fix it too.