Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{cath kidston}

We've just returned from our little trip to London. I had a great time there, but the highlight had to be my visit to the Cath Kidston store in Windsor. Sorry, Your Majesty! 

I have been drooling over Cath's stuff on her site and the ocasional paper catalog for years. I ordered some things over the internet through Ebay as Cath was demanding a small fortune for shipping outside the UK. A couple of days before we went to London I visited Cath's site again to take a look at her collection and I found out she now has a EU site and shipping has gone down, yippee!

I loved, loved, LOVED the store in Windsor. I was completely overwhelmed by all the goodies, I missed that they had another floor. H. had pointed it out to me. 

I was naughty and took some photo's with my iPhone. I was pretty nervous about it as it is forbidden, so I hid it in the pocket of my coat. I took it oud occasionally to take a pic quickly, that is why they are a bit blurred.Later H.told me they had camera's all over the place, but nobody made a remark. They lady at the counter was extremely kind.

Now push that darn button, I want to go in!


I would love to have this bed at home!


Love the curtain!
H. was in they way when I made this photo. I zipped him though! 

I loved the quality of the wallpaper. It is expensive but has a very nice quality!
A display in the window.
My loot! I kept it down a bit as I am counting on a CK sale soon.

Later that day we visited Harrods and I can tell you I wasn't as impressed wit Harrods as I was with CK's shop!

Take care,


  1. dat ziet er leuk uit, en die foto voor de deur, hahaa, ik dacht die komt er net uit ☺ maar nee hoor, want je hebt nog geen tassen vol mee. ik zie een leuk doosje met uitklapsysteem, dat mot ik onthouden ☺ erg leuke winkel mariannne!!

  2. You are a naughty-naughty girl! hahaha!!!

    I LOVED seeing it all!! Such goodness and beauty in every sneaky shot! :)

    I got your Christmas card yesterday.. and it made me sooo happy!

    Merry Christmas my friend! Love ya♥