Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I am not much of a cook, but that doesn't keep me from watching foodshows. I love Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. On October 1th the first Dutch cooking channel, 24 kitchen, was launched. H. and I always say: There is nothing on TV, now we can't anymore. We both love this channel.

Most of all I like the shows by chef Rudolph van Veen. He is a master chef and master patissier, yet he makes shows about easy to cook meals. I read somewhere that he wants to make cooking a healthy tasteful meal more fun for people. This guy made desserts for the Oscars in 2005, now he shows you how to make apple pie. I like that. 

Photo: 24kitchen 

And...Jamie Oliver will have his first appearance next week! Nigella where are you....?


There still is some time to take part in the Ramsign give-away. It ends tomorrow.


  1. ik vind rudolf ook leuk, zeker nu zijn haar geen paars meer is, hahaa, maare alle gekheid, ik heb al een paar recepten van hem die ik vaak gebruik, lekker en niet zo moeilijk. Enne hoe was je verjaardag?? Lieve groeten van mij

  2. Mmmmmmm... food.
    Grateful you found something you both LOVE!

  3. Love this! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful week.



  4. Awesome, I love this site it's great.