Friday, November 25, 2011


Last week I took a day off and we went shopping in Maastricht. Maastricht is a lovely city, the river Meuse flowing through it. It's rich history shown in abundance in every street and corner of the old town centre. Once a roman settlement named Mosa Trajectum, later occupied by the Spanish and the French. Especially the French influence is still very noticable today.

Maastricht is a great town to shop and sit on a terrace, sipping a cappucino and watch the world go by.

 The river Meuse is flowing through Maastricht. Maas (in Maastricht) means Meuse.

 Well ahum, we actually didn't sit on terrace and didn't sip a cappucino. 
Instead we went to the coffee bar of Douwe Egberts (a Dutch coffee brand) and had hot chocolat. Yummy!

 The Iittala shop. 
The Hermes shop, too expensive for me.

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