Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Mogno is a small village deep in the Maggia Valley in Ticino Switzerland. In the 1986 the village chapel and several houses were destroyed by an avalanche. The famous Swiss architect Mario Botta offered to design a new chapel. It was named San Giovanni Batista (St. John the Baptist) and built on the very same spot. White marble and granite (gneis) from the valley were used both inside and outside. The combination is very beautiful. Once you are inside a feeling of peace seems to decent on you. I really loved it.

The chapel is built to withstand future avalanches. 


Entrance. The stair leads to the church clock and doubles as a drain for the rain water.

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  1. wow wat een bouwwerk, dat is echte kunst, gelovig of niet, je moet dit bouwwerk wel mooi of op z'n minste interessant vinden.

  2. Wow, the chapel looks lovely.

    Thank you for your tips about vtvonen btw :)

    Hugs, Nina