Sunday, October 9, 2011


I know it is still 3 months to go, but I bought a new diary for the new year. It is really strange, even though I am a computer geek, I still love to use a paper diary.  

I love Flow magazine (I have a subscription) and I loved last year's diary, but it was huge. Besides the diary, it contained little notebooks and stickers. This year the diary is huge too, but it consists of three books:
 a normal sized diary, a book containing little notebooks and a book filled with stickers and tags. I can carry the diary with me and leave the other two books at home. 

It is so cute, take a look. 


My diary waiting to be used.

I found the small bunting in an envelope in the extra's book (also below) which also contains stickers and tags.


I am looking forward to 2012 ;-)

Have a nice Sunday,

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  1. jeetje wat grappig 3 ineen? Moet snel eens kijken want het ziet er inderdaad erg leuk uit ☺