Sunday, September 25, 2011

{lugano fleamarket finds]

Lugano has a very nice flea market on Saturday. I think I found out about that after my umpht visit there.
So Saturday is flea market time. H. just has to endure it (he doesn't like flea markets).

This year I found 2 nice doilies there (only one on in the photo). The are Swiss, from Saint Gallen , supposedly made in the 1930's or 1940's. 

In  a little shop I found this nice little plate (9,5 cm or 3,8 inches). It was lying on a table outside it looked very familiar when I saw it. So I turned it and I found that it was Dutch LOL. It is from Makkum a Frisian town H. and I visited earlier this year during our stay in Bergen (near the coast). Makkum is well know for it's earthenware. Especially Royal Tichelaar. They have their factory in Makkum and the factory also has a large shop. The little plate's price was 2 Swiss Francs (about $ 2.2 or € 1,7) and I am pretty sure there was nothing priced € 1,70 in that shop when we were there. As a matter of fact Makkum earthenware is very expensive. My plate is from the 1960's but the plate is still made, not with this decor though. Now it's price is € 122. Yep, I did well that day in Lugano.

I knew that when I entered the shop. But I thought the shopkeeper was Swiss and wouldn't know anything about Makkum earthenware and I was wrong. The lady was Dutch, she knew about the plate as she bought it herself in 1964. She must have paid even more back then, but she didn't mention it and I didn't ask. I guess it was my luck that Dutch earthenware must not be very well known in Switzerland or not of interest to Swiss people. And that it wasn't snatched up by another Dutch tourist.

Have a nice Sunday!

P.S. I will announce the winner of the give-away tomorrow.


  1. Leuk!!Vooral het kleedje. Naar zoiets ben ik al steeds op zoek. Ze zijn erg leuk om te gebruiken bij mijn vintage kussen hoes!!

    Fijne week.

    Groetjes Thea ♥