Sunday, August 7, 2011

{to eat or not to eat}

..that is the question.

As you know I am on a diet. I lost 5,5kg in 5 weeks, which is pretty good (I think). Today I tried on some of my older summer clothes and they fit Yippeeee! I want to loose another 3,5 kg's.

Yeaterday I read on Yvonne's blog Yvestown how she loses weight. She lost 16,5 kg since mid May, which is great result. She does the Cambridge Weight Plan. Two meals are substituted by Cambridge shakes, the rest is low carb. You should take a look at her site as she published some recipes of soup which are very easy to make.

My diet is similar to Yvonne's. I also substitute two meals. In the morning I eat (drink) a shake and I eat a bar for lunch. I am allowed a snackbar (75 calories) and 2 pieces of fruit. In the evening I eat what H. eats. But no fatty things liks fries and I don't overeat. Enough is enough. If I want something in the evening I eat some more fruit or some cucumbre. I don use the Cambridge products, I use Weightcare. The site I am linking to is Dutch. I didn't find a English site.

Yesterday I made this salade, with lot's of salade, smoked salmon, red pepper, eggs and some onion. We always add the dressing when the salade is on our plates, as we both like different dressings. I put on a mustard/dill dressing.


Have a nice Sunday!

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