Friday, August 19, 2011

{the return of marks & sparks}

Marks & Spencer are to return to the Netherlands. And I can tell you, I love it!  There was a shop in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam about 20 years ago. My sister lived near Amsterdam at that time, whenever I visited her I HAD to visit Marks & Spencer (amongst others). In 2001 Marks & Spencer withdrew from the European main land. And now they are coming back...

Two weeks ago I found this set of  bath foam at a fleamarket..

So I decided to pay their site a little visit. I found out I paid too much for the set  LOL (but who cares). I also found out they only charge GBP 7,50 for shipping to the Netherlands. Now I can replace the chopping board I bought in their Amsterdam shop a long time ago and threw out only a couple of weeks ago.

But...if things go as we planned I will pay one of their London shops a visit later this year.

Have a nice sunny weekend!

P.S. A little message for those who "liked" me on Facebook. I de-activated my account there. It is still there, but not visible. Somehow FB and Twitter can not arouse my interest. I am on Google+, which is a bit better (but not much LOL). If you are interested in an invite, let me know. 


  1. Hoi. Hoe vaak ik niet in Marks and Sparks in Londen ben geweest..ontelbaar. Heerlijke winkel en ja ook in Amsterdam. Vond het jammer toen ze daar weggingen. Rotterdam en Den Haag las ik in de link, nu nog Groningen en Stadskanaal hihi

    Groetjes en fijn weekend

  2. kijk dan weet ik dat ook weer, zo heb ik weer iets bij geleerd, meid, je bent een wandelend tante google. ☺ Fijn weekend.

  3. Hello Marianne ~ much too long since I last visited. I will have to catch up on what is new but I do hope all is well for you.
    Your bath set looks lovely ~ I always say it's worth spending a little bit more when you're worth it and you find what you love. :-)
    Summer vacation is winding down here and soon school will be in full swing for the all of the kids....Life really gets hectic then.
    Sending warm wishes ~ Rebecca

  4. Dit ziet er leuk uit! Wist niet eens dat ze in Nederland zaten!!

    Fijne week.

    Groetjes Thea ♥