Saturday, July 30, 2011

{no deco}

I know it is a bit quiet on my blog lately! I have put it to rest a bit as I was getting a bit worried about blogging! I used to do about 2 - 3 post a week and I don't want it to become a obligation! 

There isn't much decorating going on in our house at the moment, even though I have a lot of plans in my head. Like the new bathroom and having the paneling in our hall and stairs painted white,  replacing the flooring on the upper floor and...

Unfortunately we have a bit of a problem in our cellar. It is very damp! We will have a specialist take a look at it in two weeks. He is independent and will try to determine the problem and give advise on how to solve it. This way I will be able to choose an company and have them fix it without having to worry about getting an advice from them that is only beneficial to them, if you get what I mean. This probably will be an expensive job and we don't want to end up paying too much because we don't know anything about it.

In the meantime I just hope their is no underlaying problem. 

Today we went to Ikea to see if they already had the new catalog, but they didn't. When passing the bathroom section we saw these drawers with sink and mirror cabinet we both like. I pinned it to Pinterest so I won't forget. Here are some pics.

At Ikea they used two of the mirror cabinets, so you have lot of space for your things. The sink is porcelain and the drawers are very spacious. The whole thing is on legs, so it is easy to clean underneath.  Maybe we can use a closet from the same range to keep towels in.

Have a nice weekend with good weather. We have had a very rainy July, the forecast for August is better.




  1. hee meid, zo ging het bij mij ook een beetje, ben wel terug, maar op mijn gemakki hoor en wanneer ik wil hihi, zeggg, je ehbt onderhand toch wel obligaties bij Ikea of niet ☺ fijn weekend

  2. I know what you mean, I've been having bit of a blog rest too. Love the new Ikea Catalogue, I'm off to have a look at it now. I hope your cellar problem isn't anything too bad xx

  3. Sometimes you need a bit of a break from blogging so hectically, by the way I love the heading to your blog (: