Friday, July 1, 2011


I am an avid follower of Holly's blogs Decor8  and Haus Maus and I really like her taste and flair.
So when I read about her book project last year I immediately put her book on my wishlist.

The book was published in the UK last March, in the US a bit after that and a German version will be publised later this year. I bought my copy at CDWOW, because it was sold out at CDWOW carried the US edition, published by Chronicle books.

The book arrived last week. I really and truly love it. It has a coffee table format with almost 300 pages.
It shows homes which are decorated in an eclectic way. Lot's of white walls and huge windows. Furniture and decoration is a combination of vintage and new. A lot of great tips, moodboards, how to's and loads of photo's. Holly (as stylist and writer) and photographer Debi Treloar visited the homes of designers and fellow bloggers. On almost each page is a quote by one them. It really is a beautiful mix. There is so much to see on each page, every time I open the book there is something new to see.

I made a few photo's. If you want to see more you can visit Holly's blog are take a peek inside at Amazon.

 The cover
Some of the china in this cupboard is Mega by Royal Copenhagen a modern version of an old patern.

 How about the turqouise Smeg
I love this pic. So much to see.

I had planned to attend the Meet the Blogger event in Amsterdam last Saturday, but I didn't.
I had some doubts about fitting in there, in the end I gave in to that doubt. Also because the trip by train suddenly was prolonged by an hour because of a detour. 

I still do not regret that I didn't go. I do regret not meeting Holly and having her sign my copy of her book. 

A big hug and kiss to my blog friend Ann Marie, who lost her dad this week.
I am thinking of you!


Photo's: Debi Treloar


  1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the book, I did as well. Sorry you didn't make it to meet Holly, but it sounds like it didn't matter too much :) xx

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