Friday, July 22, 2011

{dear self}

Photographs hold a magical quality. They show as loved ones, long lost friends, pets we once had, beautiful place we've once been and of cause our selves. They instantly transport us back to the place and time it was taken. When we look at a photo a little drawer is opened, containing memories. We remember when the photo was taken, where it was taken, what kind of weather it was, the smell, who we were with...what we felt.

On the the site "Dear Photograph" people return to the place a dear photo was taken, to take a photo of the past in the present. The site is founded on these emotions. It is not about a perfect photo, but about our (im)perfect past. We love to travel back to feel these emotions again, to see the people and places we may never see again in person. In a way the site should be called "dear self" as the photo that we take now of the photo that were taken then, we take for our selves.

Have a  nice weekend!

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