Thursday, June 16, 2011

{where is your blog spot}

Blog Guidebook is having a link party, the theme is "Where is your blog spot". 

So, this is my favorite blog spot........

My computer is in a special cupboard in the living room. The photo is not so great as it was pretty dark outside and I hate using the flash (I am anti-flash).

Why the living room? When I bought my first computer (in 1986)  I didn't want to put it in a spare room as I was afraid I would never us it (duh). I put it on a simple desk in the living room. When I moved to this house my mom bought a cupboard for the computer as a moving gift, so again I put the computer in living room. Now that I am not single anymore it nice that H. and I can do different things and still communicate. Do you see the mess in the closet? When I'm done, I just close the doors and nobody sees it LOL

If you would like to read about other blogger's blog spot or want to participate, click on the button below and you will be transported to Blog Guidebook's link party site.

It's a bit early but have a nice weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Hello Marianne,

    It always make me smile when I read a comment from you. Thanks so much for dropping by.:o)

    I love your blog spot, nice and cozy!:o) Mine is in my little crafty room. Honey on his lap top and I on my desk top.:o) I use this little room for much more than crafting or computer. It's a great little conversation room, we even share lunches in there and few dinners too!:o)

    I am certainly going to visit the link you gave. Thank you so much! Enjoy a beautiful weekend.