Friday, June 3, 2011

{red door 2}

Last year we bought a new front door. It is red (RAL 3005), a very nice and warm color.
One of our backdoors needed to be replaced as well, so we decided to have it made in the same color. The inside of the door is white.

We also ordered a roof (is it the right word?) for our terrace, so we can sit outside in the summer even when it's raining. Because we have a tree standing near the terrace, we decided to have only half of the terrace roofed. We can extend it later, if we want. 

The workmen started at  9AM, within half an hour our old backdoor was gone, the kitchen was covered in dust and the black splinters of the old doorstep were lying all over the kitchen. This guy really went at it with a vengance (and a hammer). 

Almost all the walls in the house are crooked. The house was built in 1957 when more houses were needed fast.  I guess they didn't check level very often. I remember that my dad always was swearing when he made something. Even though some adjustments had to be made, it didn't really cause a real problem. 

The only problem with the door was that the panes in the window above and beside the door were too small. They will be replaced with 2 weeks.

Nice 'n red LOL

Now we can sit outside when it rains or eat outside without the fear that a bird is going to poop in our dinner LOL. As you can see, the other backdoor is still brown (hard wood actually). 

The wall (our neighbour's extensions was crooked too, by the way) still looks a bit bare. I have to think about that a bit more. I used some stuff from my extensive collection of.....well stuff.

We are enjoying our long weekend!

Hope you will enjoy your weekend as well.

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