Friday, June 10, 2011

{pottery barn}

Pfew, this week is over. It was the first fill work week in a long time. I have had so much days off, that I kind of forgot what it is like to work fulltime ;-)

But that is nothing compared to the bad news that was brought by a friend. He has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and unfortunately it's inoperable because the cancer has seeded to his liver.  I have been thinking of him and his partner ever since the call.

But now onto something nice... (at least in my opinion).

As we all know, we non-US people are not able to visit Pottery Barn's site. If you own an iPhone ore iPad you can download Pixelmags' Pottery Barn catalogue app. The next pics are from that app.

Update 1: Liz of Violet Posy was kind enough to let me know that she was able to access PB's site from the UK and that they now ship to 79 countries. 
I have tried to access the site after clearing my browser's cache and cookies, but it didn't work. 
Maybe one of my Dutch visitors can give it a try and let me know what happens. 

Thank you Liz!

Update 2: Today I was finally able to access PB's site, only to find out that The Netherlands is not on their shipping list. No need to say I sent them an e-mail LOL. Well at least I am able to look at their goodies.  If you can't access them through try this link

Have a nice weekend!

All photo's: Pottery Barn


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, one of my best friends died of secondary liver cancer 2 weeks ago. Call your friend I'm sure they will want to hear from you. Xx

    On a happier note did you see Pottery barn are internationally shipping again from today :)

  2. als ik in die bladen kijk denk ik altijd geweldigggggggggggggg, maar bij mij lukt dat niet, ik denk dat je neit creatief met je handen kunt zijn en ook nog in deko..... ohh, die gaat niet op he, er lopen hier te veel rond die dat wel zijn, hahaaa, maare, ikke dus niet, dus ik kijk met bewondering en denk... mooi!!

  3. What a brilliant post, thanks a lot for sharing this with us!