Wednesday, June 1, 2011

{little ikea hack}

A little while ago I told you here what I liked from Ikea's new collection. Amongst them was the Skurar planter. There is also a hanging version.

When I visited my Ikea last week I found two discounted (no chains) hanging Skurar in the bargain corner. When I the thought crossed my mind that they would be great as lamps. I forgot about that until I saw this hack on Ikeahackers. All you need is a light fixture. In the hack a fixture from Ikea was used, I had one lying around that I bought a couple of years ago and never used.

So my Skurar hanging planter turned into a Skurar lamp. Easy peasy. I had H. drill a hole in the base (or top?) of the planter. Then I put the cord through the hole and ready my new lamp was. I think you can also do this with standing planter version.

I love the doily look!

I put the lamp in our spare bedroom, currently know as the "empty" room. Empty is between quotations marks as it full with stuff currently not in use I also dry my laundry there. The lamp that I was hanging there was ancient.



  1. good idea! have a nice day, @nne

  2. Aah, that's so pretty and such a great idea. I'm still in love with my planter, they are a gorgeous design x

  3. wat leuk Marianne, en wat een idee, goed van je!!!

  4. Marianne that is such a good idea! Well done it's beautiful x