Friday, May 13, 2011

{the keukenhof}

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Last week we visited The Keukenhof on our way home. The Keukenhof is a flower show and guess what flower is featured there..... o.k. that was too easy. What you probably don't know that there a gaziljon sorts of tulips. Some even look like roses, so very beautiful. 

We Dutch are getting a bit tired sometimes of The Netherlands being known for windmills and tulips (and some other things ;-). Yet both are an intricate part of our country culture and history. Visiting The Keukenhof is often regarded as the touristy thing, while The Keukenhof is a beautiful landscaped park with gorgeous gardens. 

Tulips Galore.

Tulips with frayed edges.

I wouldn't mind a garden like this.

I love the way the sunlight is filtered on this photo.

It was crowded. Yet I was able to take some photo's with no people on. 

Look at the green/white edged eaves. I have never seen those before.

Love this combination of tulips and anemoons.

Have a nice and sunny weekend!

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  1. Stunning photographs - I love tulips! x

  2. o wat zijn er toch ook mooie tulpen he, die met die rafeltjes zijn zo mooi!
    Ik ben al een hele lange tijd niet in de keukenhof geweest, moet er toch maar weer eens over na denken om een bezoekje te brengen.
    Prettige week toegewenst Marianne.
    Lieve groetjes Gerda