Sunday, May 22, 2011

{happy sunday}

Peonies from our garden.


  1. Marianne, hjärtat!
    i was so glad to hear from you!
    Im not blogging anymore but i still keep the blog out there in "bloglandia" just in case i change my mind or find the inspiration again. I am doing well and so is my family. We had a rough time last year when my beloved grandmother passed away and i still miss her a lot but i keep her in my heart and tresure my memories of her.
    I hope you are well as well. Im sorry to say that i have not been keeping my self up to date with all the blogs i used to follow. I just havent been surfing Bloglandia at all and i have really missed it. I missed you , and the rest of my virtual and dear friends i got to know thru blogging.
    I dont think i start blogging again, im afraid. Not at the moment at leeast.I just cant find the time or the inspiration right now. But i am known to change my mind very quickly so you'll never know, hahaha!
    My very best whishes for you and your family!
    ha det bäst, söta rara Marianne!
    största kramen


  2. Hallo Marianne,
    Die pioenrozen maken me helemaal blij!

  3. So beautiful Marianne! I hope you've cut some for the house? x

  4. How lovely! I love peonies - they smell wonderful.

    The cups that you asked about is from Green Gate :)
    Hugs, Nina

  5. prachtig Marian, ik heb ze ook in de tuin, maar helaas vorig ajar verplaatst, nu moeten ze nog herstellen, vlg jaar zal ik vast mooie krijgen ☺

  6. What a lovely peonies :) Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. What a wonderful post, thanks a lot for sharing this with us.