Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{fire and sand}

Last week H. and I went to our favorite spot on the beach for a couple of days, Bergen. On the first night, when we were having our dinner at a seaside restaurant, we overheard a waiter saying that there was a fire in the dunes. a large plume of smoke was drifting from the land towards the sea. 

Unfortunately the northern part of the Dutch coast has been victim to arson for over 60 times in the past year. That day the arsonist(/idiot) had started a fire in 3 places. The other 2 fires were put out soon, the one in Bergen took 4 days. Hundreds of fire fighters and 5 helicopters were used. Over 200 hectares of unique dune landscape went up in flames. Such a shame! 

This is what the area that burned looks like. 

A large plume of smoke was drifting towards the sea. Not a pretty sight. BTW I made this photo of two photo's ( with the help of Photoshop Elements)

This part of the beach was restricted later, because helicopters helped to put out the fire.

A Chinook helicopter from the army is helping. It can carry 10.000 liters of water at once.

Despite the fire we enjoyed our trip very much. The sea is beautiful. We also made a trip to Makkum alittle town in Friesland, the Zaanse Schans (an open air museum with windmills and old buildings) and the Keukenhof (I don't need to explain that). I made tons of photo's and will bore you to death with them in the next few weeks.


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  1. In spite of the smoke.. the beach there looks beautiful. How nice it would be to sit on a beach right now...

    I went back and read a few of your blog posts that I missed. It was so fun to read the one about you-- and I learned quite a lot.. :)

    Thank you for your friendship and comfort during this time.. It has meant a lot. XO