Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{elephant parade}

Elephant Parade is a support organization that raises and donates money for the Asian elephant, that is threatened by extinction. A little while ago the Elephant Parade too over the town of Heerlen, not very far from where I live. Elephants are decorated by local artist (not necesarily painters) and famous people. These elephants were placed in Heerlen as a an open air exhibition. When the exhibition is over, they will be auction off. You can also buy smaller versions at a temporary shop over on the internet on the Elephant Parade's webshop

The elephants are so cute and very beautifully decorated. Here are some photo's which I lent from the Elephant Parade's site.

This little guy I found over at Ikea's this week. I love this one the best. He is decorated in the same manner a Dalarna horse. Unfortunately this elephant is "unofficial",  it can not be bought in the shop.



  1. buiten het goede doel betekenen ze in afrika (geloof ik, ben land vergeten) ook nog, veel geluk, dus mooi Marianne

  2. Wow these are great, love them!