Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{ikea love}

I haven't been to Ikea for a while! Last weekend I took a look at their (Dutch) site to find out what was new. I really like these items.

Allsang solar lights for the garden. Very nice. 

 Lantliv plant stand. Want want! No room for it though LOL

Kurar planter. Love the lace look!

Soder lamp. Very nice for our hallway. I think I will have to convincing to do. I don't think it is H.'s taste.

Lacko chair for the terrace, it is weather proof. 

Odmjuk milk jug. There is a whole service. Love it!

Dinera dekal service. Ver nice too!

I really have to pay Ikea another visit soon ;-)

Take care,


  1. the chair looks great! have a nice day, @nne

  2. ik vind de winkel zo groot, maar de spullen zijn geweldig, wat jij hier laat zien is allemaal erg leuk, moet er eens over nadenken, hahaaa. het restaurant is nl ook erg lekker ☺

  3. There was so much I could have bought on my last ikea trip! I did get that planter though, it looks lovely with my orchid in x

  4. ohh die laatste foto is schattig ..beetje japans maar dan in t wit ;)

  5. Love the plant stand. Ikea has a way of surprising you sometimes doesn't it? I wrote a post about Ikea finds a while back:

    Your blog looks nice!

  6. Absolutely love the solar lights for the garden, really cool!