Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{home baked bread}

Last weekend I baked my own bread. 

Well, I bought a mix and added some ingredients extra (butter, milk and an egg instead of just water and butter) as advised by a colleague. Easy peasy of cause, but I was pretty chuffed the way it turned out and I LOVE it. 

My, my, I am turning into the perfect house wife (not).



  1. vroeger bakte ik bij het leven, brood, broodjes, heerlijk de kids waren er dol op, maar ja, nu toch echt een stuk minder, ik ga het weer oppakken want er is niks lekkerder dan home baked bread. ☺

  2. Look at you! Your a domestic queen!!
    Wish I could smell it through the screen.. it looks lovely!

  3. Mmmmm......het ziet er erg lekker uit!

    Smaakte het ook lekker??

    Fijn weekend, groetjes Thea♥