Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{helen amy murray}

Once in a while I see something that I not just like but love instantly.

Today I received a new issue of Seasons, a Dutch magazine. Inside was an article about Helen Amy Murray a British artists who makes carvings with leather, felt and fabric. Works of art that embellish furniture and wallhangings.

Something like this....

Is turned into something as beautiful as this ....

Here is a close up of work in progress.

She stitches leather (or felt or fabric) on layers of fiberfill. Then the leather is cut near the stitches with a very sharp knife and the fiberfill pushes up the leather, creating a relief. From a distance her work looks like a carving.

If you like to see more photo's or read more about Amy visit her site here


Photo: first 2 photo's Helen Amy Murray, 3rd and 4th Seasons.


  1. wauw, wat geweldig mooi, dat stoeltje mag wat mij betreft ook veel gel kosten, want het is geweldig. fijne week nog meis.

  2. Oh my goodness this is breathtaking!!:o) That chair is certainly a work of art, love it! There are great artist, then there are those artist that leave you speechless...lovely work indeed.

    Continue to enjoy a beautiful week.



  3. Super beautiful work!!
    I love special/unique things like this...