Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{belle blanc}

In January I wrote a blog about the books on my wish list. The first book on the list is Belle Blanc - Aus Liebe zu Weiss (For the love of white).

The book is about all white interiors. It is written and photographed by Mirjana Schnepf of Belle Blanc and Biance Aurich of White Living. Published by Seewald Busse. You can buy the book at Amazon an The bookdepository. I am sure it is available at more bookstores.

I was able to order the book at a local bookshop (Plantage Boekhandel). I still had some book gift certificates waiting for that special book. One of them was a Christmas gift for my mom, our last Christmas together.

The book is GORGEOUS! It has a nice size at 28 x 22 cm and 160 pages. It is a hard cover, protected by a sleeve. The book is written in German, that should not deter you as there are far more photo's then there is text. Beside the foreword and the thank you page, there are 10 chapters like Entree, Wellbeing, Fabric, Bonne etc. There are even some recipe's. Although I would never change my home into an all white interior, photo's of such an interior make me happy. If you frequently visit both ladies blogs you know that their homes are perfect and their photographs are of timeless beauty.

Belle Blanc is a book to treasure and deserves a special place in your bookcase or maybe on your coffee table (as I do).

Take care,


  1. Lijkt me idd een mooi boek, voor inspiratie. Net als jij zou ik nooit een *geheel* wit interieur willen, er moet wel kleur inzitten. Maar MOOI is het :)En als ik deze foto's zo bekijk zit ook hier kleur in, roze toch?? hihihi dus wel iets voor mij dit boek...ooit....;) MMMM ben nog jarig in Juni......misschien .... als iemand meeleest hihi ;)

  2. That book looks beautiful, really calming interiors. I'll have to look it up! x

  3. Ahhhh! I want! I want!!
    I am coveting that you have it already.
    I think it's so fun that we are friends with her as well. She is such a great girl.

    Hope you have a happy day! :)Enjoy! Enjoy!

  4. I just got mine in last weekend & did a post about it recently. :) I absolutely adore it & can not stop going back and looking.. looking.. looking! ;)) So beautiful.

  5. ja het is een kanjer, hoor, ik heb altijd al gezegd dat ze een boek moest maken ☺ erg mooi, geniet er maar van.

  6. Oh I love Belle Blanc, it's brilliant. Love all these items!