Friday, March 25, 2011


Our bathroom is the one room that needs changing big time. As you remember I bought my childhood home. My dad redid the bathroom in the seventies (I think), it is bahama beige. Beige bathrooms are in again, but the bathroom really needs to be redone. I guess you can say it was worth every penny my parents spent on it LOL

We have four bedrooms and we have plans to turn the smallest room into the bathroom. It may take a while until we go ahead. Unfortunately both H. and I are not handy, so we will have to hire somebody to do it.  And that having to hire somebody is very expensive.

So, there still is time to look at bathrooms and try to find out what we both like. We currently have only one toilet downstairs (which will be renovated at the same time). So there needs to be another toilet, we would like to have a generous shower (no bath tub though) and I would like to have a big sink with enough space underneath to stash away towels, shampoo etc. Colors? I don't have the faintest idea. Something neutral probably!

Here are some photo's I collected on my bathroom pin board at Pintrest.

Is aqua a neutral color? I am not sure, but I collected several photo's of bathrooms with blue walls. I am not sure H. will ago along with that though. This bathroom is by Ariadne at Home, my favorite Dutch home deco mag. They design a Ariadne bathroom and kitchen every year. Last years was beige btw.
I read in a mag that small tiles in a bathroom are the thing this year.

This one definitely is neutral. Love the little tiles (they are also used in the bathroom on the first photo).

The door to the "new"  bathroom opens to into the room. It takes up a lot of space inside the room. We can have the door changed so it opens the other way our choose this option, a barn door.

I like the idea of wood on the wall, but I am not sure it is a good idea in a bath room. Love the tub too, even though we are not going to have one LOL.

I really hope you are going to have a nice weekend. We will be off work until Thursday. I am looking forward to it.

Take care,


  1. Hi! Great pictures. I love the colours on the 3rd photo and the sliding doors are just so cool! Thanks for inspiration!

  2. Ha die Marianne,
    Ja wat kun je dan lekker weg dromen he, op zoek naar iets passents.
    Ik las dat je er eventueel aan zat te denken om wanden van hout te nemen maar dat je twijfelt.
    Dat kan ik me goed voor stellen want je hebt het over hout en water en dat is meestal geen goede combinatie.
    Ik heb een keuze gemaakt bij ons thuis waar ik best wel content mee ben.
    Ik wilde ook het liefst alla wanden hout hebben maar daar was mijn man geen voorstander van dus hebben we een tussen oplossing gevonden.
    Ik heb twee badkamers en in allebeide kamers heb ik tot ongeveer 125 van de grond witte tegeltjes en de rest daarboven is bekleed met liggende houten delen. Zodoende krijg je een niet zo´n koude indruk in de badkamer.
    Succes in ieder geval met al je keuzes, het zal vast mooi worden en goed komen.
    Lieve groetjes gerda

  3. I love the tub as well. They are pricy!!!
    The small tiles look ok.. but I didn't like that much grout. The old dressers that they turn into vanities are a favorite... and I would NEVER do a pedastal sink.. as I need storage! lol!
    How FUN for you to have a bathroom remodel on the way soon!! Have fun creating and making it what YOU want it to be!!

  4. I love your choices - especially that blue bath!. We're getting ours done later in the year. I think I'm going to go with neutrals and then use splashes of colour with towels and accessories - but that's because we're planning to move. Otherwise I'd be using lots of colour :)

  5. Wow what lovely bathrooms, thanks for the inspiration.