Friday, February 18, 2011

{the king's speech}

This week I saw The King's Speech with Colin Firth. I read that it was a good film, shot in beautiful locations.
I decided to see it and I wasn't disappointed. The sets and clothes were beautiful, but I didn't pay much attention to them as I was drawn in by the story.

Bertie, Duke of York, 2nd son of the King of England.
Later King George VI, king not because he was heir to the throne, but forced be the situation. His brother abdicated because he was in love with a divorced woman.
A man who had been stammering since he was 5, caused by a harsh and loveless regime during his childhood. Becoming a king in a time, when radio was the newest thing. His wife, Elizabeth sought and found help with a speech coach/psychiatrist, Lionel Loque. Logue helping him not only with his speech impediment but also mastering his past. The film ends with the speech that George VI gave at the beginning of WWII.

So far the movie has won many prices. Colin Firth is wonderful as Bertie and I love Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue.

This film ultimately isn't about nice sets, beautiful clothes a stammering King or Wallis Simpson. It is about mastering your worsted fears. It's beautiful, go see it.

Have a nice weekend,


  1. Lijkt me ook een goede film. Maar omdat ik het nooit zo gezellig vind om in mn ups naar de film te gaan.....wacht ik meestal op de dvd :) De laatste film die ik WEL in de bios zag was Haar naam was Sarah. Samen met een vriendin, zij had me het boek gegeven voor mn verjaardag en later beloofde ze me om samen naar die film te gaan...geweldig ook :)

  2. I saw this in the US a while ago, and I was really impressed. The cover and the name of the movie looks/sounds very boring, but the movie is great!
    Happy weekend to you, Marianne!
    Hugs, Nina

  3. I have heard nothing but good about this film!
    I hope it gets all of the Oscars that I hear it is worthy of! :)

  4. I'm so jealous, I've not gotten to see it yet. I'm glad you enjoyed it xx

  5. What a wonderful post, thanks so much for sharing this with us.