Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{white living}

In the current issue of Country Living UK their is an article about a home in Sweden decorated in white. Although I could never live in an all white home, I can understand why people do.
 It's so lovely and peaceful!

Do you like all white interiors?

Take care,


  1. white... so silent... and like an igloo, though the touches of black, grey, sepia, and small colour on the white based objects makes it livable. I would enjoy visiting, but can't sacrifice my coloured possessions to copy it.

  2. Stunning pictures!
    I adored each one.
    I would love to have a summer home like this..but for my regular home.. I adore my dark antique heirloom furniture to much to part with it.

    The American issue of Country living is all about decorating in white as well. I think I like the UK pictures more than my issue though..

  3. You have such a lovely site, Im so glad I found you, I do like white as a "base" in your home, for ex in my livingroom I have white, sofa white curtains BUT my pillows are in different colors..I like your side so I became one of your followers... see you

  4. I do! I do! I do! I love color too. Like Ann Marie, I have lots of dark furniture and can't bear to part with it either....guess the only solution is to have two homes! :-)
    Loving these images ~ Will have to go to Barnes and Noble to see if I can pick up a copy of the UK Issue. Big hugs ~ Rebecca

  5. I do like to see some white. But I couldn't be doing with an all white interior. I like a bit of colour for cosiness. I would be scared of anything white near our log fire as well!

  6. I think living in an all white house would send me crazy, it does look pretty though!