Friday, January 14, 2011


You may remember I bought Photoshop Elements 9 recently.
I have been playing around with it a little, adding layers and textures to my photo's.

There is a lot of information, tutorials and elements (like the textures) that can be found for free on the internet.

I hope you will have a nice weekend! Today I will go to Aachen in Germany to do some serious shopping. I need a new coat and I want to buy the new issue of Lantliv. 

Take care,


  1. They're so beautiful ... I have Elements ... will have to check out how to do that.


  2. Hello Dear Marianne,

    Your photos are beautiful! I have promised myself to one day learn to use Photoshop. So many wonderful things you can do with a photo and most users seem to have lots of fun with it! Right now I am playing around with Picnik, a simple user friendly photo editor on line. But I plan to one day dive into Photoshop with both hands:o) From the looks of your photos, its hard to believe you are just beginning!

    Happy weekend to you dear Marianne!



  3. I am so far behind in the photography technology world.. I am amazed you still visit my blog.. with my plain photos! hahahaha
    Your pictures are so lovely!

    I am jealous you are headed to Germany. I have so many blog friends from there..I really want to visit. Have you ever met up with Mira?

    I was on a major highway when my tire blew and drove to a safer spot.. and so the beading on it is bad. Such luck. :(

    It makes me feel closer to you.. that we both ate at Ikea yesterday. My Grandmother used to make swedish meatballs... and they taste just like hers. I was eyeballing the salmon.. Maybe next time! Love ya..

  4. Ja heerlijk he om zo bezig te zijn met photoshop, ik kan ook uren prutsen met de computer.
    Ik vind alleen photoshop wel een heel moeilijk programma, ik wil zo graag leren om een voorwerp los van de ondergrond te halen maar het lukt mij nog steeds niet.
    Je foto´s zijn mooi geworden met die verschillende texturen.
    Lieve groetjes gerda