Friday, January 7, 2011

{books wish list}

There are several good books on interior decoration I am eagerly awaiting to be published. 
Here is a shortlist!

Belle Blanc- Aus Liebe zu Weiss (For the love of white) is a book (written in German) by Mira of Belle Blanc and Bianca of White Living . Both Mira and Bianca have beautiful blogs about their white interiors. 

Decorate by Holly Becker of famous Decor8, photo's Debbi Treloar.

Pale & Interesting of my favorite author Atlanta Bartlett with photo's of Polly Wreford.
Atlanta owns a shop with the same name with beautiful things. 

Romantic Prairy Style by Fifi O'Neil of Chez Fifi. Fhoto's Mark Lohman.

These books will be published this year! All of them will be available through Amazon. 

See ya!


  1. I can't WAIT for Mira's book!
    I hope we get an autograph... :)

    ~ And that last book .. the prairie white one may need to be mailed to my home too! :)

    Thanks for sharing.. these are pretty much the only books I read!

  2. The book by Fifi is on my wishlist too!

  3. ik wist het wel dat mira een boek had gemaakt, want ze maakt prachtige foto's, ik vraag me wel eens af hoe dat eigenijk is, helemaal in wit wonen, ik geloof voor een weekend zou ik dat wel leuk vinden maar daarna denk ik toch dat ik een dwangbuis aankrijg :)) maar een zeer goede fotograaf. fijn weekend, ☺

  4. Liebe Marianne, es freut mich sehr, zu sehen, dass unser Buch auf Deiner Wunschliste steht :0)
    Bald ist es so weit, die Zeit ist jetzt doch sehr schnell vergangen und Bald darf ich das Buch selbst in Händen halten... :0)

    Pale and Interesting und Prairie Style stehen auch auf meiner Wunschliste...

    Herzliche Grüße, Mira

  5. You have some nice choices there, I'm just going to add Fifi's to my Amazon wishlist in hope for my birthday :)

  6. I have decorate on my wishlist, but I wouldn´t mind the others in addition.
    Hugs, Nina