Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{link love}

First off all, thank you for your kind birthday wishes.

I had some really nice comments on my previous link love post, so I thought I would make a irregular regular out of it. That means I will post a link love post whenever I feel like it. I currently have 308 blogs in my reader. There are so much lovely, inspiring and interesting blogs out there. I will also show you some Dutch blogs. You can use Google Translate to translate the blog. I know Google Translate isn't perfect, but you get an idea ....and have a good laugh at Google's attempt.

House of Turquoise
Erin of House of Turquoise is obsessed with the color turquoise and I can't blame her. She shows photo's of homes where shades of this color are used and it's beautiful. Don't take my word for it, go take a look.

My namesake Marianne's blog Songbird is a pool of inspiration for diy, crafting, sewing etc.
 Dive in!

Well, this one is way off topic. I visit it regularly though. I am an Abba fan and Mikkory's Abbablog keeps me up to date on what the former members are up to!

Gerda is a Dutch lady living in Sweden. Idemakeriet is a blog and a shop. Gerda blogs about interior decoration and crafts. She knows I like the Scandinavian style and sent me several magazines. Her blog is in Swedish with a Dutch translation.

House Doctor
Blog of the Danish interior decoration company of that name. They produce lovely Scandinavian style decoration. Like the boxes on the photo below.



  1. Hoi Marianne,

    Mooi die dozen, maar ze kunnen niet tippen aan die andere!Van een paar logjes eerder! Wat zijn die mooi zeg!

    Leuke blogs Bij Marianne en Gerda kom ik regelmatig!!

    Fijne dag,hoe is het met de sneeuw bij jullie?
    Hier ligt bijna niks meer,en wat er vanacht zou vallen???? Niks gezien!

    Groetjes Thea

  2. Nee, nog niks gehoord!

    Was ook helemaal niet zeker dat ze maar een nachtje hoefde te blijven he!

    Ik hoop maar dat alles goed gegaan is, en ze niet al te veel pijn hoeft te lijden!!


  3. Holy Moly! You read over 300 blogs?
    No wonder I don't hear from you like I used to.. haha

    These links are sure fun.. and I am grateful you had a happy birthday.

    Why don't we make a goal for 2011 to skype?
    Deal? Deal.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday to another December birthday girl (it will be mine in a few days' time).

    Hope you had a great birthday.